Are you considering getting any upholstery services done in the future? If you are, one of your biggest concerns is probably how much it would cost. In this article, you will find a comprehensive guide on the typical cost of upholstery services in Perth, WA, so continue reading below.

How Much is the Upholstery Services in Perth, WA?

The cost for upholstery services in Perth WA, depends on the service provided and the type of service that you are looking to avail. To give you an idea of the average cost, take a look at this table:

Upholstery Service Cost Range
Simple Reupholstery $250 – $450 per piece
Cushion Reupholstery $17.50 to $250 per piece
Dining Room Chairs Reupholstering $35 to $100 per piece
Footstool or Ottoman Reupholstering $95 to $150 per piece
Recliner Reupholstering $500 and above per piece
Reupholstering Lounges $550 to $1750 per set
Reupholstering Single-Bed Heads $150 and above per piece

Unlike other services, professional upholstery service charges per piece or set instead of hourly rates. However, bear in mind that the price can go higher depending on the complexity of the upholstery and the type of material you want to use.

Larger and more complex pieces are usually more expensive. The type of fabric and cushions you want to use on the reupholstery is also a huge factor that will determine the final cost of the service.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Upholstery Services

There are a lot of factors that will affect the cost of upholstery services. These include the following:

#1: Type of Furniture and it’s Condition

One of the biggest factors that determine the cost of an upholstery service is the type of furniture and its condition. Smaller furniture is more affordable to upholster. However, if they are in bad condition and the entire piece requires to be upholstered, it can be even more expensive.

The reason why the size of the furniture and its condition is one of the biggest determining factors is because it dictates how much labour and material will be used for the service. Of course, more labour and material means more cost.

#2: Type of Fabric

It goes without saying that fabric is also another big factor that determines the cost of the upholstery services. Clients have a wide range of upholstery fabric options.

There are two general types of upholstery fabrics: natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics are the best choice if you want a soft texture.

Some of the common natural fabrics used for upholstery are linen, leather, wool, cotton, and silk. Among these, cotton is the most affordable. Although it can be one of the most comfortable and durable, it’s not stain-resistant, so it’s not the best choice for everyday use.

On the other hand, synthetic fabrics are usually more affordable than natural fabrics. And they are easier to maintain and more durable. Some examples of the popular synthetic fabrics used for upholstering are polyester, olefin or polypropylene, nylon, acrylic, and rayon. Due to their durability and high resistance to staining, they are excellent outdoor and everyday use choices. The right upholstery services will ensure the best type of fabric for your needs and priorities. Southside Upholstery is one of your best bets in the Perth area.

 #3: Type of Cushion

The filling of the couch can deplete over time. This is why when reupholstering furniture, there are some cases when professionals need to add more cushion or replace it entirely. In these cases, the overall cost can be significantly affected because it requires more material and labour.

Here are some of the common cushion foams used in upholstery:

  1. Polyester Fiberfill: These are affordable cushion foam options that are pre-sewn on spun-bonded protector fabrics.
  2. Medium Density Polyurethane: These are popular for their medium fitness, making them ideal for mattresses and seating cushions.
  3. Dry Fast Open Cell Foam: These have open pores that enable air and water to flow through effortlessly, which makes them a comfortable cushion filling option.
  4. Closed Cell Foam: These are moisture absorption resistant, making them the best choice as a cushion for outdoor furniture.
  5. Fabric Backed Sew Foam: These are thin sheets of polyurethane foam that are very easy to work with but can be insufficient in providing comfortable cushioning.

 #4: Location

The item that will be reupholstered will be taken into the workshop of the professional. The transportation from the pickup location to the workshop or warehouse will be an added expense on the overall cost of the service.

If you live far from the service provider, then expect the added cost to be higher. This is because the price will consider the petrol, extra labour, and possible wear and tear on the vehicle’s vehicle for the transportation back and forth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the typical cost of upholstery service in Perth, WA?

Simple upholstery service costs can start at $250 per piece for traditional furniture and $450 per piece for vintage furniture. The price can vary depending on the service provider, the size of the furniture and the materials to be used for the upholstery.

How do I find a good upholsterer?

There are several ways for you to find a good upholsterer. One of the easiest and most reliable is by getting a referral from a family member or a friend. They can vouch for the quality of work of the upholsterer.

Another way is by searching online and looking at service reviews. However, if you opt to do this, make sure to verify whether the reviews are from real clients or not. You can also look at the neighborhood main discussion group and search for topics about nearby upholsterers.

What added cost should I expect from reupholstery services?

There can be different added costs on top of the reupholstery labour cost. These could include the additional labour for rebuilding or repairing the furniture’s frame if it’s in bad condition. Retying springs will also be another cost, as well as adding nailheads or tufting.

How much does it cost to reupholster a couch?

Couches come in different sizes. There can be 2 seaters, 3 seaters, and so on. The cost of reupholstering it mainly depends on its size, condition, and complexity of upholstery.

For couches, the starting price for a reupholstery service can start around $250 for couches with conventional design. However, if you have plenty of seat cushions, the price can significantly go up. The cost of transportation can also be higher because it’s a bigger piece and requires a bigger vehicle and more labour to move back and forth.

Is it expensive to reupholster a recliner?

It is more expensive to reupholster a recliner than couches and other pieces of furniture. This is because more labour is involved in the process. This specific furniture has a lot of parts that have to be disassembled to reupholster. It also takes more time to reassemble it back together.

What is the best fabric for upholstery?

The best fabric for upholstery depends on what is your main objective. If you are looking for low maintenance and long-lasting fabric despite the price, then synthetic fabrics such as nylon or rayon might be your best choice.

However, suppose you want the most affordable and comfortable fabric, then you might want to choose cotton-based fabrics. But, take note that these are highly absorbent, so they are susceptible to staining, making them not ideal for everyday use.

How much fabric will be needed for reupholstery?

How much fabric you will need depends on the style and size of the furniture that you will be reupholstering. Plain fabrics are often more affordable than printed ones. But, the price still depends on what type of fabric it is.

Most of the time, upholstery service providers will give you a catalog of fabric that can be used for your furniture reupholstery. After picking your fabric of choice, they will provide you with an estimated cost of the fabric per yard and the corresponding labour cost for the job.

Should you reupholster or buy a new one?

When you think about it, the cost of reupholstering a particular piece of furniture is enough for you to buy a new one. In this case, when can you say that a piece of furniture is worth reupholstering?

It’s worth reupholstering if it’s an heirloom or it has a sentimental value. If it’s a unique piece or perfectly fits your space, reupholstery is also an excellent choice. But, if it does not fall in any of these categories, buying a new one might be best for you.

Upholstery Costs – The Bottom Line

There are many upholstery services out there. Understanding its general cost will give you a better idea of whether you are getting value for your money or not.

If you are looking for professional upholstery services around Perth, WA, that offer reasonable prices, check out Southside Upholstery. They have over 50 years of upholstery service experience that will ensure that your furniture is in the right hands.

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