Is your favourite piece of leather furniture looking tired and worn? If so Southside Upholstery can help you! Dr Hide leather repairs and restoration offers specialised cleaning, restoration and recovering services.

Cleaning and Conditioning - Although leather is a very durable fabric it needs regular cleaning to keep it looking in top condition. Over time soil, body oils and grime can build up leading to cracking and fading of your leather. We offer a specialised cleaning and conditioning treatment for all types of leather furniture. The cleaning will remove all of the build up of grime that occurs with everyday use, and the specialised conditioning treatment will nourish the leather leaving it supple and enhancing the overall look and feel of your leather furniture. Regular cleaning and conditioning will extend the life of your favourite piece of furniture.

Colour Restoration - If your leather furniture is looking a little tired and worn then you could give it a “facelift” with our colour restoration services. Wear and fading of your leather can occur over time. We can recolour your whole lounge suite or just one or two sections that have faded, colour matching it to your the original colour of your furniture. We can also recolour leather furniture to match your new decor, or to give your furniture a fresh new look.

Restoring and Recovering - With continued use scratches, scuffs and stains can accumulate on your leather furniture. Southside Upholstery has specialised treatments to repair marks that occur with general use of your leather. Our professional team will let you know if the leather furniture is repairable or if recovering would be advised. We have a fully serviced upholstery workshop on site- see Southside Upholstery.

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Leather Furniture Restoration

Is your Favourite piece of furniture worn or looking tied? If so Southside Upholstery and Dr Hide Leather Repairs & Restoration offers specialised leather cleaning and conditioning service with also a Leather Re-Upholstery Service.

Leather Repair and Maintenance

Because leather is a natural product, it only needs a little care with normal use. Southside Upholstery proudly offers leather repair and maintenance.

Leather Lounge Suite Repair

If your lounger suite has a tear or some parts are worn we can replace the leather panels and make it look like it never existed.