The unique appeal of antique furniture increases over time, which is why it’s highly valued among many people. Even if modern techniques allow for similar furniture to be made, antique furniture has proven to be aesthetically irreplaceable. However, it can also become damaged and its shiny appearance. Restoration can easily fix that, but it’s not an easy process, which is why it is often left in the experienced hands of a professional.

Curious how to do it yourself? You’re in the right place because today, we’re going to explore how to get the best antique restoration results.

Learn About Restoration

Although the crafty side of the restoration process can interest many people, it does involve practice and knowledge, especially when it comes to antique furniture. It’s important to know which steps to take to enhance the piece instead of reducing its value.

Identify the Purpose

The purpose of the restoration is equally important as the restoration itself, and the end result will depend on it, too. If you are repairing or improving a family heirloom for personal use, then what you want it to look like matters the most because you’re the one who is going to use it.

When it comes to high-value pieces, however, you should get in touch with an appraiser to confirm its value and authenticity. This will be a deciding factor in how to proceed with the restoration and preserve the item’s value.

Assess the State of the Item

The condition of the item will help you determine the best course of action to take. For example, if it’s in need of a thorough clean, you can research which cleaning products are suitable for that type of material. However, if it’s damaged extensively or you want to restore a museum-value item, you will want to contact a specialist to work on that for you.

Call a Professional

Ultimately, the best result comes down to the restorer’s skill, tools and materials. Professionals will have years of experience behind them and all the necessary high-quality tools to do it to a high standard. So for more challenging or demanding projects, calling a professional is always a great idea.

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